Welcome! I’m Maria Crassas- an educator, special needs mom, and health advocate. I am blessed with a son who has Down syndrome and autism.

When he was 2.5 years old, after two rounds of antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection, he showed major behavioral changes, eczema, severe food sensitivities, and GI issues. I was told my son had a dual diagnosis of both Down syndrome and autism, which my husband and I were hesitant to acknowledge until we were able to heal his gut.

This began our quest.

I started this blog/podcast as a way to help share the knowledge and stories of the brave individuals working each day to help others reclaim their health through nutrition, supplementation, and other wellness practices.

As a former public school teacher with a PhD in education, I was hyper focused on educational strategies to help my son reach his potential when we found out he had Down syndrome. With his recent health challenges, it has become evident to me how optimal health of mind, body, and soul is the first priority. Once this foundation is addressed, the rest falls into place.

The Quest for Healing is dedicated to my son and others like him- the kids and people we work each day to heal, but heal us in the process.