An Update: 3 Months In

The past three weeks have been glorious for little man. A couple of days after my last post (Today, I feel frustrated.), James was back to his happy, fun-loving self. His functional medicine doctor asked us to increase his dose of EnteraGam, which is a medical food treatment that binds to toxic substances in the gut to prevent them from penetrating through the intestinal lining. When we started to increase his dose, he wasn’t feeling so hot, hence, my last post. But his body has now adjusted to it, and it seems to be doing its job.

We haven’t given him any broth the past few weeks since the suspect histamine issue came to light (broth is very high in histamine). He’s been eating lots of shredded chicken and steak, as long as it’s cooked in ghee. And my amazing sister brought to my attention two-ingredient pancakes, which consist of bananas and eggs. They are YUMMY. The kid is nuts over them, and he’s now regularly eating eggs. He still hasn’t touched any cooked vegetables recently, but we’ve been able to sneak some cauliflower, spaghetti squash, zucchini, and butternut squash into his smoothies regularly. Thank God for smoothies.

And the more fun behavior/overall temperament/language update. He has been so much more affectionate and personable. I’ll hear him say, “Where’s Mommy?” while he’s in another room and then walk up to me and want to sit on my lap. We hear lots of “big hug” requests all day long. Though he would readily receive affection, it used to be a rare occasion when he would initiate it. He’s also started saying, “silly goose,” when something is funny, which is just the cutest thing I ever did hear. “I want ____” statements are happening much more readily now, and the other day, he got up from breakfast and clearly said, “I want to go play.” Hooray for five word sentences!

We are still working on more reciprocal conversation. He loves to say good morning and ask how everyone is doing but has a hard time answering the question himself. A lot of his language has a bit of a rote feel to it, which makes me smile. For example, when he’s upset, you might hear him say, “It’s okay, buddy,” something he has heard quite a bit. 🙂 My personal favorite is when he’s given something, and he shows his gratitude by saying, “thank you, welcome.” Just wants to make sure both giver and receiver are covered.

We also had a great Halloween and hope you did, too! James still gets a little confused as to why we ring someone’s doorbell and then leave right away. He tried to walk into every house to visit, so we only made it to a few 😉 Our incredibly kind neighbors made him feel special by making sure there were non-food treats set aside for him.

Pictures for cuteness.


Thank you for following his journey!





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